Rusty Ukranian Soldier Thanks Ramcharan Charan

Rusty Ukranian Soldier Thanks Ramcharan Charan

The whole country is praying for peace agreements between Russia and Ukraine. The loss of life is not enough. But what has Ramcharan got to do with this war? You may have doubts as to why his name actually came to the fore.

With Ukraine, Charan has no relation. But, Charan has links with a Ukrainian citizen who is defending his country from an attack by Russian troops. Charan-NTR combination film ‘RRR’ was shot there. At that time, a man named Rasti was Charan’s security guard. It was during this sequence that Charan developed a good rapport with Rusti.

Recently a video is going viral by rasti. Responding to Charan’s help, Rusti said, “I worked for him as a security guard for a while. At that time he was treating me like a friend. I never thought he would remember my family in difficult times even when they were needed. It is a testament to his great Heart that he stands by my family today. My heartfelt thanks to him, ”said Rusti.

So, What was that help done by charan ? Rusty with his father, aged 80, is now in the military trying to defend his country at the call of the Ukrainian president in the wake of Ukraine’s ongoing war with Russia. He is also in a financial trouble. Charan immediately contacted Rusti and offered him some money to help him. Besides, Charan said that he did not hesitate to do his part to help financially even if he had any need. What a great heart he had !!

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